Classic Settee

The Big Work in Progress

Here, we share our house secrets with anyone that wanders by and finds our site. We go out of our way to find things for our house and arrange them to our taste. Our house is never finished we’re always adding to it  and redecorating various rooms, as the mood takes us. We like color, we like surprises, we like treats. And we find great enjoyment from redesigning and setting our home just the way we like it.

contemporary StyleWe take inspiration and ideas from the world around us, from shops we visit and from other peoples houses. We never stop being inspired. Now it must be said that not all our great ideas stand the test of time. And sometimes what we thought was great turns out to be quite overbearing or heavy. But that’s never been a problem as we just make it the next project. Our house is a continuous work-in-progress and that suits us.

Whatever Suites You

Four poster bedWe don’t alter the structure of the house, electrics or plumbing stay as they are. But we’re up for everything else. There’s a big triple garage in the yard and it’s full of stuff that we collect and might use some day. But we have to stay in control, we don’t want to turn into hoarders.  So every so often, at least once a year, we have a clear out. We sell or dump stuff to make way for more things that we find on our travels. And it’s always good to know you’ve got a place to put things when you return home.

We find inspiration all over the place and here I’ve included a list of web sites that we frequent. Hopefully you’ll like these too. Or maybe you have some sites that you’d like to share with us. Ever way have fun decorating and creating, above all enjoy.

Take it from here

Greetings and Welcome to the House